Bob Berg began his career as a reporter for United Press International (UPI) in Des Moines, Iowa before becoming bureau chief in Lincoln, Nebraska and Lansing, Michigan.  He later became Michigan Capitol bureau chief for Panax Newspapers.

Bob served as senior public affairs advisor to two of Michigan’s longest serving Chief Executives, as Executive Assistant for Public Affairs to Michigan Governor William G. Milliken from 1977-1982, and then as Press Secretary to Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young from 1983 through 1993.  He serves as a consultant to Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick and assisted Kilpatrick in both of his successful runs for Mayor.

Bob has earned the reputation as a valued media relations specialist because of his “no garbage attitude” and keen understanding of how to package information.  As a former member of the media, he understands what is newsworthy and has made a conscious effort not to waste the media’s time with “junk.”  His long career working with high profile public officials has helped him develop key media contacts throughout the region and state.