Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 UM-Dearborn Writing Awards

Special thanks go to this year's interdisciplinary and external judging panel:
Kyhl Lyndgaard (Non-Fiction-external); Jon Haller (Writing Through Image & Sound-external); Jill Alexander Essbaum (Poetry-external); Ricco Siasoco (Fiction-external); Jennifer Proctor (JASS, LCC); Carla Vecchiola (History, Civic Engagement Project); David Susko (Natural Sciences, EIC); Thomas Foy (Writing Program, LCC); Kristian Stewart (Writing Program, LCC); Christopher Burke (CEHHS); J. Caitlin Finlayson (LPA); PF Potvin (Writing Program, LCC)

1. Sam Ehlert - “Alpha Centauri A”

2. Robin Michelle Wilson - “Jazz-A-Bet: An Original Jazz Alphabet”

3. Gary Grima - “Aspiration”

Creative Non-Fiction
1. Larry Lehna - “A Strange Unity”

2. Nicole Jankowski  - “Autism is a Bird”

3. Sam Ehlert - “Surviving Brian”

Honorable Mention
Keysha Wall - “Good Girls Swallow [fight eating disorders]”

First-Year Writing
1. Dominic Scala - "Success and Necessity of the Integration of Popular Culture in the Classroom"

2. Anam Shah - "A Life Unconsidered"

Writing Through Image and Sound
1. Matthew Ainsworth - “Full of Fuel”

2. Daniel Heater - “Agneta and the Sea King”

3. Ray Krasicky - “Sam Eko Musican, Promotional Interview”

Writing in the Public Sphere
1. Larry Lehna - “Homeless”

2. Pamela Yaacoub - “What It’s Like to Be a Woman”

3. Maureen Fleming - “Why the Daly Editorial Will Not Change Minds”

3. Sara Whitaker - “Gutted or Glory?”

Researched Writing
1. Brian Murphy - “Play Behavior of the North American River Otter (Lutra canadensis)”

1. Margaret Williams - “Antiquity and the Italian Renaissance: Platonic Building Blocks”

1.Carley Hewitt - “Kent State Shootings”

2. Stephanie Jones - “To Measure a Life in Cups of Coffee”

3. Sam Ehlert - “Holiday”

Honorable Mention
Kelsey Lewczynski - “Some Day, One Day”

Apoorva Malladi - “The Inconsistent Door”