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What is The Public Affairs Internship?

For over thirty years students have been gaining hands-on work experience and leadership training by interning in the Public Affairs Internship Program. An internship is a short-term work opportunity that allows students to gain the skills and knowledge by working in government, the private sector and other public nonprofit agencies for one semester. Each student is placed in an organization according to their educational and career interests. Students earn credit for the work experience and are expected to realize personal and professional goals as they connect the theoretical lessons from their classes to the real world.  Placements are not guaranteed, but are achieved through a competitive interview process which is based on performance.  Students are permitted to obtain credit for two internship placements, and have found that an excellent way to increase the odds of gaining employment following graduation or being accepted to post-graduate studies.  That is, an internship based on your career objectives is also a good way to build a solid list of recommendations for law school, graduate school, or future employment.