Definition and Goals of Academic Advising

All students are encouraged to meet with academic advisors throughout their academic careers. Some students will be required to meet with academic advisors at various times. If academic advising is required prior to registration, a registration hold will prevent the student from registering until the hold has been removed. Students who have registration holds for advising are notified that they have a registration hold by e-mail sent to their UM-D e-mail addresses. The following groups of students will have mandatory academic advising:

  • New freshmen will be required to see an advisor in 1039 CB before they register for their sophomore year classes (during their winter term) at UM-D.
  • During the Fall semester students majoring in Art History, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, French Studies, Hispanic Studies, International Studies, Microbiology, and Physics are required to meet with a faculty member in their respective major.
  • All students on academic probation (cumulative GPA below 2.00) must meet with a CASL advisor to monitor their progress and complete a probation contract for the semester.